The Rawr Denim Sales Compendium: August 15

Some good prices on great denim.


Raw Denim and Workwear in San Diego! +…beer

Lone Flag

Finally found a real store carrying raw denim in North County. Not Nordstrom or G-Star raw but a true MAN’S STORE. Be sure to stop by Lone Flag next time you’re in the Del Mar area.


Brands include:
Rogue Territory

and more. I might have spotted Railcar too.


BONUS: Beer tastings with local brewers. Beer and Denim? You bet.

The Perfect Pint?

I definitely need to expand my collection.

Duh. Beer and Denim


Gustin Japan Classic Japanese raw selvedge denim

#rawdenim #selvedge #craftbeer

How To Make Your Wrenchmonkees Garments Waterproof Using Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax – Denimhunters

Courtesy of Denimhunters

“ROOKTOWN’s Micke Fält demonstrates how he waxes his Wrenchmonkees WM A.C garments with Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax to make it water repellant.”

How To Make Your Wrenchmonkees Garments Waterproof Using Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax

Looks like the price of Greenland Wax can’t be beat. Makes me want to try this out.

Poll: Denim weight preference

With all the talk of heavyweight denim, summer denim, exotic fabrics etc, I was curious what the most preferred weights for jeans are.

What do you prefer?

Hats off to American-made…Hats

Over the past few years fedoras, pork pies and other vintage era hats have continuously grown in renewed popularity. They seem to appeal to everyone from alt rockers to Hollywood celebs to…well, suburban dads like me. They even have their own community The Fedora Lounge. Here in San Diego you’ll find an abundance on display for opening day at Del Mar Racetrack. Of course with every fashion trend comes an influx of cheap imports for the masses. When I finally decided to wear something other than a baseball cap, I settled on this hat from America’s other, Bailey of Hollywood. The 100% wool felt “Fairbanks” is still made right here in the good ol’ USA. image

My wife and daughter hate it, but my son thinks it looks good. Clearly he knows what’s up. It wears well with winter gear or jeans and flip flops so I can wear it year round. image image image image image

Hat: Bailey Fairbanks. $70 ($29 Pictured:

Trucker Jacket: Gustin Waxed Canvas Olive Brown. $139.

Oxford: Merona (Target). Fit is everything. For some reason Targets oxfords and t-shirts fit great.

Wool Shirt: Pendleton. Vintage Jeans: Gustin ‘the Natural’. $81

Mentioned: Borsalino Crushable Fedora. $270. Ouch!

If you like Gustin here’s a Discount Referral Code



I don’t often drink red ales, but when I do it’s usually Karl Strauss’ “Red Trolley,” which they described as a medium bodied beer with heavyweight malts. Reddish brown in color, like my Fedora. I think of the era in which men didn’t leave the house without a hat, and took the street cars to various destinations.

Red trolley is very malty without being sweet. Nor does it have any hint of that signature San Diego bitterness. Definitely strong caramel flavors shine through what was once just a holiday ale from these original San Diego brewers. If you’re ever in San Diego I highly recommend you enjoy one of Karl Strauss’ many fine ales at their newly remodeled Sorrento Valley location. there’s worse places to drink beer. Karl Strauss Sorrento Valley.

Beer: Karl Strauss Red Trolley

ABV: 5.8%

IBUs: 17

Still breathing

Just want to say isn’t dead.

Sorry I’ve been so busy. Plenty of Japanese, Italian, and American denim and waxed canvas to discuss. Lightweight, midweight and
heavyweight. Lots on deck.

Plus more successful Gilt and Marshall’s buys.

Thanks for your patience.


Gustin Japan Classics – 1 Month

I’ve had these around 30 days. 2 soaks just to experiment. I wear scrubs or suits to work so these don’t get worn full time. But I’m in them most of my down-time. 2 car washes. 1 memorial service. Picking up dog poop. Cleaning the garage. Chores.

Gustin Japan Classic – approximately 30 days. 2 soaks


Full jeans.


Belt scuff. You can see the beautiful blue into which they'll fade


Slight ropes


More infant roping


Whiskers setting in


More whiskers. Vertical grain showing.


Young combs. You can also see the vertical grain coming out.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Austin, TX

Sorry no beer. Ran out last night and I don’t count the Coors light a well-intentioned but misguided guest brought.

Tito’s makes a damn fine bloody Mary. One of the first modern craft distillers in the U.S. Like Gustin, I consider their prices reasonable in the face of the competition, and their quality outstanding. Zero idea on customer service.

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