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Raw Denim and Workwear in San Diego! +…beer

Lone Flag

Finally found a real store carrying raw denim in North County. Not Nordstrom or G-Star raw but a true MAN’S STORE. Be sure to stop by Lone Flag next time you’re in the Del Mar area.


Brands include:
Rogue Territory

and more. I might have spotted Railcar too.


BONUS: Beer tastings with local brewers. Beer and Denim? You bet.


The Perfect Pint?

I definitely need to expand my collection.

the Craft Beer Girl

A Perfect Pint? - Read more: http://thecraftbeergirl.comWe’re all familiar with the standard “shaker” pint glass, which derives it’s name from it’s original use as a cocktail shaker when paired with a slightly larger metal cup. They’re cheap, durable, and easy to stack, making it a popular choice for many American bar owners. But despite being the common choice for many beer drinkers, it’s not the best fit for craft beer.

You’ve probably seen other glasses of all shapes and sizes… but do they really affect how the beer tastes? Turns out, they do! Not only that, the geometry of the glass can affect how the beer looks, smells, and even how the beer feels in your mouth.

So how do you know which glass to use? When determining appropriate glassware, an educated drinker will note the beer style, and consider things like alcohol content, and whether the beer is bottle conditioned. Here are a few quick tips to…

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Duh. Beer and Denim


Gustin Japan Classic Japanese raw selvedge denim

#rawdenim #selvedge #craftbeer

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