About Me

Sometimes I get bored. On occasion this leads me to check out one of the many amazing breweries or ale houses we have in San Diego. Or I might scour the interwebs for a good clothing deal on a flash sales site. I’ve even been known to (frequently) kill a few minutes checking out the racks at a discount clothing store.

I wasn’t always like this. I had lousy taste buds and even lousier fashion sense. The latter hasn’t progressed much, but the former has grown into a zealous appreciation for craft brewing.

I can trace the nexus of my fondness for beer and denim to two specific events.

I worked in the music business. One of our band’s managers informed me he was interested in getting into brewing. At the time my income was very modest and Bud Or Keystone Light held residency in my fridge. Eventually I tasted a bitter, dark concoction in a Los Angeles loft. That brew became Stone Brewing Company‘s Arrogant Bastard, co-founded by my acquaintance Greg Koch.

My foray into personal style, what little I have, began on a flight to Seattle a couple years ago. Men’s Health Magazine had an article on How to Buy Denim. I took particular interest in the page by Dan Trepanier and became a fan of his fashion blog, Tsbmen.com. At a minimum I’ve learned brown shoes/gray suit looks pretty darn good. And I can part my hair. What little I have.

I’ve since brewed beer in my kitchen, and expanded my wardrobe beyond jeans and a T-shirt. It’s easy to pick a beer. I still struggle coordinating what shirt & tie goes with which suit. I’m far from being an expert in either industry, but the more I examine both cultures, the more I recognize the artisanship and craftsmanship all around us.

As I’ve come to appreciate newly-made American products I recognize that the revolution going on in textiles and particularly denim reflects the more mature yet growing revolution in Craft Beer here in the United States.

This blog won’t exclusively be about craft beer and denim as in my opinion they also can serve as powerful metaphors for other forms of quality craftsmanship. Hopefully I can articulate some of my views on this topic here.



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