Okayama Standard vs American Sixteener


I had a request to compare the wash of the American Sixteener to the Okayama Standard, both of which are from Gustin. Even though they’re both technically Indigo, it’s a little bit comparing apples to, well…different apples. Say Fuji to Pink Ladies. Both are great but have their own characteristics.

Remember, the American Sixteener weighs in at 16.5 oz of Cone Mills fabric while the Okayama Standard comes it at 14.5 oz of Japanese denim. I’m a relative newcomer to raw denim but can absolutely feel the weight difference between these two already heavy pairs of jeans. Not the greatest pictures but some folks were eager to compare so I want to get them up asap.


Both of these are big bold jeans. It’s like Comparing Ballast Point Sculpin IPA with Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Both of these beers enjoy their cult-like followings because of the craftsmanship and care that makes these high IBU brutes. You can’t go wrong with either one unless you have a dainty palate.



American Sixteener (Left) Okayama Standard (Right)

If you’re not already a Gustin customer please use my referral code.


American Sixteener


Okayama Standard


American Sixteener (Left) Okayama Standard (Right)


American Sixteener (Left) Okayama Standard (Right)


6 thoughts on “Okayama Standard vs American Sixteener

  1. Reid says:

    Thank you for the comparison Brian. Now I feel like a super hoppy IPA is in my future.


  2. Reid says:

    Orange County. I guess that could be NorCal to you.


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